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See the inspiration sunrise or sunset that depending on the time of the day. And you be greeted at the best momentum when you use your device. It is a unique app that shows you the digital clock on the front. And in the background of the widget, you will see one of the sunlight phases during the given day. Furthermore, each scene provides you a unique and beautiful glance and that is never seen before in a widget. That with dynamic elements you will see in the distance such as a fishing boat, sailboat, or even a UFO in the sky. The Sunrise is a place for a moment of calm and sees the current time in bigger font size. Or just like the battery life is left on your device, you can show now the percent value of the current day. So you will see how many percent of the current day is already completed. Your personal glanceable Sunrise widget can be placed on the iOS home screen. And the widget supports all multiple sizes that include small, medium, and large. And it supports Light Mode and Dark Mode.

You can choose up to the 3 best widgets you want to see on your home screen. And you can place them anywhere on the home screen to see your current time or percentage at a glance. And enjoy the golden hour (the first hour after sunrise) and the last hour of light before sunset that produces warm natural light. The app is designed for users as time professional who wants to know how much of the day is left (in percent) and to greet you each time you use your personal device. That is built for iPhone, iPhone Pro, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro. And it is the ​beautiful ones to enjoy the sunrise or sunset. So what are you waiting for? Get it Now!

The unique features in this high-quality app:
◆ Show you the most magnific sunrise (or morning sun, afternoon, sunset, or night) in the background of the widget
◆ Option to show and hide the digital clock in the widget
◆ Option to change the digital clock color
◆ You can hide and show the background elements in the widget
◆ Option to show the current day completed in percent number
◆ Option to change the greeting name
◆ Support for Dark Mode

The following high-quality widgets are available in this widget bundle:
◆ Shows the current time with a beautiful sunshine background (that depending on the time of the day) in small size
◆ And in medium size
◆ And at last in the large size

Project information:

This is built by the developer of the most popular browser extension Turn Off the Lights. To see more great software go to
Stefan Van Damme