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Sunrise and Sunset time

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Sunrise and Sunset time

Visualize today's solar sunrise and sunset times in a beautiful and minimalist way, just the information you need to know, with great precision based in your current location.

Moreover, you can access to a complete calendar with future sunrise and sunset times, and the duration of the sun light.

Never miss a sunrise or sunset again, set reminders for next sunrises and sunsets with one touch. 

Set a notification or a reminder on any date in order to not miss any sunrise or sunset.

Prepare in advance to take your best pictures during the magic hour (after sunset), or just to enjoy a beautiful sunrise at the beginning of a new day or an unforgettable sunset.

Capture amazing sunrises and sunsets, taking photos and videos within the app. Share your photos with other apps installed in your iPhone or iPad.

Enjoy this wonder, connect with nature and change your life forever.
Juan Carlos Munera Vicente