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Are you hearing-impaired and speech-impaired and need assistance communicating in public places? This app is for you!

Need to quickly ask someone for help?
Type out a message on the app and show them.

Need them to reply?
They can speak a reply and the app will show you the words they spoke.

Forget what they have said 2 minutes back?
Scroll up in the app. It keeps a track of everything that was said in the discussion.

Need to share the discussion with someone for future reference?
We allow you to share the chat with someone on another messaging app (eg: iMessage or WhatsApp). Note that we do not store conversation logs ourselves.

Wearing an Apple Watch but not carrying your iPhone?
No problem. Type out a message on the Suno app for Apple Watch and show it to someone on your watch. Suno has some messages that you can use for certain emergencies.

Wearing an Apple Watch and carrying your iPhone?
Even better! Open Suno on your iPhone and give it to the other person. Type out a message on Suno for Apple Watch and it will appear on the iPhone. They can speak a reply and their words will come as text on your Apple Watch for you to read. You can have a back and forth conversation like this!

*Note, that a single audio recording is limited to 1 minute in length. Also note that speech to text currently only works for English.

Suno means Listen in Hindi, and we hope this app can listen on behalf of the hearing-impaired.

For questions/feedback, please message us on social media at or by email at
Adarsh Hasija