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This app is designed to help the hearing-impaired/speech-impaired in face to face communication. It can be used in several ways.

-The hearing-impaired/speech-impaired person can swipe up and type out message and give the device to the person they are talking to. The other person can then speak their response and the app will show the words that the person spoke so the hearing-impaired person can read.

-If a hearing-impaired/speech impaired person wants to talk face-to-face with someone who also has an iPhone or iPad with Suno installed, they do not need to pass one device back and forth. They can simply connect to that device. For this, Wifi and Bluetooth must be ON for both devices. When the 2 devices are connected in a "conversation session", the hearing-impaired/speech-impaired person will type out their words, which will appear on the other person's device. One he/she is done, the second person will speak their response and the spoken words will appear on the hearing-impaired person's device. Like this, the conversation can go back and forth

Also works with an APPLE WATCH!
-The hearing-impaired person can give their iPhone to the other person
-The hearing-impaired person can type out a message on their Apple Watch. The message will then appear on the iPhone.
-The other person can then type or speak and response. This response will appear on the screen of the Apple Watch.

*Note, that a single audio recording is limited to 1 minute in length. Also note that speech to text currently only works for English.

Suno means Listen in Hindi, and we hope this app can listen on behalf of the hearing-impaired.
Adarsh Hasija