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Sun Compass for Watch

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Sun Compass for Watch

A unique Watch App for Great Outdoors! Find your way using the Sun or the Moon. This is a great app for Hikers, Bikers, Anglers, and Servicemen

Left your compass and your phone at home? No problem! With a view of the sky and your Apple Watch, you have a compass that will guide you.

With the crown, dial the red line to point at the sun or the moon. The watch face shows you the relative direction of North, South, East and West relative to the sun or moon. If you are moving when you get your position fix, a little pair of feet will show you the direction of your track.

The app shows you when the sun and moon are visible and available for navigation (clouds excluded!).

This App does not do turn by turn navigation - doing frequent GPS fixes will drain your watch battery.
Aviametrix, LLC