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This app is part of a research project to help muscular dystrophy patients. It provides tailored exercise plans to the patients and monitors their performance during the exercises.

Additionally, it uploads data from the Apple Watch's HealthKit store to the suMus server in order to provide overall health and fitness information to the therapists. This is done every time an exercise is completed and includes HealthKit data that has been recorded since the last exercise completion.

The following information from HealthKit is transmitted to the therapists:

* Number of steps
* Distance walked
* Distance ridden on a bicycle
* Distance traveled in a wheelchair
* Resting energy (calories)
* Active energy (calories)
* Number of flights of stairs climbed
* Number of pushes in wheelchairs
* Distance swum
* Number of swim strokes

* Pulse rate
* Resting pulse rate
* Oxygen saturation

Note: After installing the app, patients have the option to individually check or uncheck each of the entries above. If all HealthKit data collection is rejected, the app will still work but won't transfer any HealthKit data along with the exercise data.

If a patient changes his or her mind about HealthKit data uploads, the app needs to be removed and reinstalled to get back to the confirmnation form right after installing the app.

The app will only work in conjunction with a therapist using the Sumus web site to register patients and provide tailored exercise plans.