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Sum helps you count and track anything.

Count and track the activity of your events and gain insights in the way that makes sense to you.
Whatever you want to track, Sum's simple interface helps you quickly log activity in a customised way that suits the event.
Set your events to reset daily, weekly, monthly, or never; and set its step increment to any number.
With Siri Shortcut actions you can increment your event counters, and ask for their count. Try adding shortcuts to log a Workout when you increment your "Gym" event, send a Tweet with your event count, or speak your event count out loud.

+ Track an unlimited number of events with daily, weekly, or monthly targets
+ Set different step increments for your events
+ Events are automatically synced across all your iOS devices
+ Understand trends in event counts, with on device machine learning driven insights and predictions
+ Export data to CSV
+ Edit historical event counts
+ Watch app lets you glance at, and add to, events
+ Siri Shortcut actions can increment event counts
+ Search for your events using Spotlight
+ Quickly add and subtract from events using the Today Widget
Alasdair Law