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SugarTraces is a mobile health application which aims to assist users with pre-diabetes and diabetes to live a healthier lifestyle by maintaining healthy blood glucose levels.

- An amusing feedback system whenever a Blood Glucose reading is entered
- A graphical view of recent six (6) Blood Glucose readings entered
- An achievement system where the user can unlock different badges depending on their entered Blood Glucose readings
- Displays a streak for the consecutive days with normal Blood Glucose
- Blood Glucose readings entered through the app are synced with Apple HealthKit
- Export data (date of birth, sex, and blood glucose readings) via email
- WatchOS application companion for quick access to the application
- ResearchKit implementation for future research on the application

SugarTraces is a University of the Philippines - Diliman application intended for research purposes only.

(c) University of the Philippines Diliman. All rights reserved.
University of the Philippines