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Stuff To Get

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Stuff To Get

Are you ready to take your shopping from haphazard to heavenly? Welcome to Stuff To Get, your everything shopping list!

Stuff To Get is so much more than just a simple grocery list manager, it can handle any type of Shopping List you throw at it. Letting you keep all of your shopping trips neat, organized and efficient. Never forget to pick up an item again!

Stuff To Get saves everything in your personal iCloud account, so it's accessible from every device you run Stuff To Get on.

That means you could start a list on your Mac, edit it on your iPhone or iPad and use your Apple Watch to check items off the list as you shop. Stuff To Get will always keep everything in sync.

You can attach a barcode to any Products and later scan it to quickly add that item to any Shopping List. Say you just used the last of the ketchup... Grab your iPhone, scan the barcode on the bottle and add it to your grocery list in a snap!

Additionally, you can add your Loyalty card to any Store and use Stuff To Get while checking out, instead of the physical card.

Stuff To Get can work with Siri to allow you to use your voice to maintain your Shopping Lists. Driving in the car and remember you need to buy milk? Simply ask Siri to add it to your list!

When you are editing or maintaining any of your Shopping Lists, Stuff To Get will present a UI tailored to adding and editing Products in the list.

When you are ready to go shopping, enter the Shop Mode and Stuff To Get will minimize the UI to just the elements you need. Allowing you to quickly and easily check items off the list, distraction-free.

Have a list of things you always buy together, like ingredients for a salad or your award winning chili recipe? Create a Product Bundle and you can quickly add all of the Items in the Bundle to any Shopping List with a single tap.

Stuff To Get provides a Widget that can be added to your Today View or Home Screen so you can get at-a-glance info on the state of your Shopping Lists. Additionally, Stuff To Get provides a Complication that can be added to the face of your Apple Watch.

As you pick up Items, they are moved from your Items to Buy to your Items in Cart list. The Widget and Complication will be updated to reflect your Percent Completed in real time.

Need a family member to pick up a few items on your list? Easily share Shopping Lists via Messages... even with people who don't have iPhones.

Want to go old school? Stuff To Get allows you to quickly print out you Shopping Lists too.

By choosing what Product Categories belong to which Store, you can control the list of Products displayed when adding an item to a Shopping List. So bananas will never show up when adding items to a hardware store or lumber show up when editing your grocery list.

Additionally, items are grouped by Category in your Shopping Lists making it easy to pickup similar types of Products in the same place in the Store.

Instead of coming with a predefined list of hundreds of thousands of Products, Stuff To Get lets you build up a collection of only the items you love and use. That way you don't have to drudge through hundreds of brands or products you don't use, just to find the exactly one you're after... Or worse, you just give up and pick the first thing on the list, even though it not what you really want.

Every time you add or edit a Product, Stuff To Get will remember it so you can quickly add it to any Shopping List in the future. In no time, you'll build up the list of your Products, done your way.

This is only a few of the many features that Stuff To Get provides to elevate you to Shopping Nirvana! Download Stuff To Get today and experience the difference for yourself.
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