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StudyIt is the perfect and only study tool you need. StudyIt reduces your time spent on studying without sacrificing any results and in fact improves them. StudyIt creates a study timetable that combines all your courses/subjects with your specifications such as how much time you need on specific courses/subjects to make studying a breeze. When creating this timetable, your schedule is taken into account to make sure that you only study when you can, so we won't be telling you to study in the middle of a meeting or a football match. That's not even the best part of StudyIt! The problem with studying is that it's all over the place. Your notes may be in one place and your mindmaps in another. Lets not even get started on that fact that most of us can't remember when things are due. StudyIt brings everything(notes, mind-maps, resources, deadlines, study timetables & motivation) into one convenient place that's always with you and impossible to lose. With everything being in one place, StudyIt can then give you an overview on where you've been spending time and where you haven't. With StudyIt, not only will you be a higher achiever, but you will be the top achiever. StudyIt will also make sure that you improve on your weak spots as StudyIt study scores evaluate your working process and point out what needs more attention.

Key Features:
-A study timetable planner
-Motivation & inspiration from students around the world
-Study notes
-Study mind-maps
-Assignment deadlines
-Stats on all your courses/subjects
-In app support
-Study resources
-Data syncing between devices
-Security authentication
-Study Scores
-Daily Notes
-Custom study calendar
-Apple Watch support
-Widgets for a quick glance

What more could you possibly need with your studies?
Courtne Marland