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Stroke Keeper

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Stroke Keeper

Stroke Keeper combines both your Apple Watch and phone to provide you with one of the most simplest and effective ways to keep track of your score while out on the golf course.
The latest version of Stroke Keeper is jam packed with new features for both our existing and new users! Our primary objective was to provide our iPhone users with a better native experience even if you don't yet own an Apple Watch. So we have listened to the requests we have received, and now in version 2.0 here is what you have to look forward to...

New Features in 2.0:
- Select which golf course it is that you are playing at
- Calculate the distance from your location to wherever you wish to hit your next shot
- Improved process of sending your scores from your Apple Watch to your phone where they can then be saved
- Follow along on your phone on each hole to tally your scores using our newly designed user interface experience

We have been working hard to bring forward what is now available today, and we are not stopping just yet. Look forward to more exciting features coming in the near feature!
Ryan Anderson