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Stridalyzer App, in conjunction with Stridalyzer Smart Insoles, provides a breakthrough approach to help you Understand your Running Style & Form, Improve your Running form and performance and stay Injury-free!

The App connects with your Stridalyzer Smart insoles to monitor your run, show Real-Time foot strike and foot pressure maps and provide you valuable guidance and alerts during your run, as well as a wealth of intuitive analysis, details and guidance after your run.

This App uses the following battery-intensive features in the background when an activity is running:
iPhone app:
* Location Data through GPS
* Sensor Data through BlueTooth
Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Apple Watch App:
* Location Data through GPS
* Heart Rate data through Heart Rate Sensor
* Sensor Data through Bluetooth LE

This app requests approval for the following sensitive privacy access:
* When-in-use location access
* READ as well as UPDATE access to HealthKit data (distance, calories, heart rate)