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Download our StretchLab app today no matter your flexibility level! Our app will help you find the stretching experience perfectly fit for you.

- Browse our schedule of upcoming 1-on-1 and group stretches
- Have a favorite Flexologist? Filter stretches by date and Flexologist
- Book stretches in the app and easily add them to your calendar with a simple click!
- Check out our in-app activity tracker to keep track of your sessions over time
- In a new area? Find a StretchLab studio near you using our interactive map
- Keep track of your monthly membership
- Check in to your next stretch in the app

Stretching is ancient, but StretchLab has redefined what it means to stretch. Whether you’re an athlete looking to loosen up after a workout or a desk jockey just looking to increase mobility and reduce tension, we have flexibility experts at our studios with years of experience in yoga, athletics, fitness, health, chiropractic and more to create a personalized stretching experience just for you.

What We offer:
- Book an innovative group stretch to reclaim your freedom no matter your fitness level. Our group stretch is fully customized to fit your flexibility.
- Need a more personalized experience? Book a 25 minute 1-on-1 with a Flexologist to find the right stretch for you. Our 25 minute customized stretching concentrates on major muscle groups like core, back, shoulders and hips.
- If you need a deeper stretch, book the 50 minute stretch to work the extremities like the lower legs, feet, ankles, neck, arms, wrists and hands. Book your 1-on-1 to not just improve fitness, but your overall health and wellness

Why you will love our stretch:
- Reduce muscle pain and tension
- Increase flexibility and mobility
- Increase your sports performance
- Transform your health and wellness
- Track your stretches on the Apple Watch app
- Track your progress on Apple Health app

Download the StretchLab app today to find the flow and flexibility your body needs!
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