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Have you ever gone to the gym, started a workout, had your mind drift and completely forgot on which set you are? Yeah, me too! Had to track your reps and the weight you're working with? Me too! Started a rest period and forgot to get back to work? Yeah, ME TOO!

That's what Strength++ is for. You use it with your Apple Watch to record your strength training workouts, have them saved with duration, calories, heart rate to Apple Health, then have all your sets, reps and weights saved. Use the app to also track your work periods versus rest times and as a BONUS, use the Locker reminder feature to... well... remind you the locker you have.

Strength++ is an app THAT REQUIRES AN APPLE WATCH to record the workout. All the workouts can then be reviewed in the iPhone app. The iPhone app DOES NOT RECORD any workouts.
Alex Bartis