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Use multiple IOS and IPAD OS device as cameras for OBS via USB to your Mac, with manual exposure controls and remote control of all device from AppleWatch and Mac.

-A Better Camera-
Better because it has all the parameters at your finger touch. Control the Focus, ISO, shutter speed, temperature and tint. Plus use your flash like a dimmeable torch. With AI powered depth, blur your background to focus in what matters.

-Many Tips to learn-
Complete the learning circle by watching the classes and passing the tests, unlocking your full Audio and Video potential. Learn about Streaming Workflow, Video, Platforms, Cameras, Audio, Lighting and more.

-Control from all devices-
You can control the camera of your IPHONE with your apple watch, and multiple devices simultaneously by downloading STREAMINGNOW COMPANION MAC app for free.

For windows users, before buy please check the youtube tutorial for the workflow and compromises
Juan Jose Palacios Lopez