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Allows you to define who you want to be by creating a “Be Statement”

Allows you to keep a record of number of days, weeks, or months you’ve kept your streak

Allows you to mark your streak as complete at the touch of a button

Organize streak categories in a stack


Stack #1: I want to be a life-long learner

Streak #1: Read at least paragraph daily

Streak #2: Review at least one vocabulary word daily.

Streak #3: Read at least one article weekly

Streak #4: Listen to or attend at least one workshop monthly

Stack #2: I want to be active and healthy

Streak #1: Sweat at least once daily

Streak #2: Drink at least 8oz of water daily

Streak #3: Run or walk 1 mile 6 days weekly

Streak #4: Cook at least one new healthy recipe monthly

Allows you to customize Streaks according to who you want to become

Unlimited number of streaks

Share your streaks with friends and family

Send encouragement to others streaking

Color code your streaks

Customize how you sort your streaks

Custom reminders so you don’t forget to compete your streak

Streaks are backed up on a server so they are safe and secure

Customize your Streaking profile

Customize how many times you want to complete your streak in a day, week, or month.

Can add streaks in progress with number of days

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