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Streaking is the Social Platform for Self Improvement. Creating and sharing streaks builds momentum so you can achieve the vision you have for your life.

Create and Track Streaks

Make and track daily, weekly, and monthly streaks.
Choose a number of repetitions per day, week, or month.
Set up custom reminders so you never forget to complete your streak.
Color code and organize your streaks into folders.
Easily mark completions and see how long you've kept your streaks alive.

Share Proof of Completed Streaks

Once you've completed a streak, post proof to share with others.
Record a video, take a picture, select a video or photo, or just use text to document your journey.
Customize your posts with different background colors.
See who liked your post and read and reply to comments on your posts to stay connected.

Discover New Streaks and Follow Streakers

Follow other Streakers to be notified when they post to stay motivated and informed.
Easily adopt streaks.
Discover Streakers and what they're streaking.
Answer questions and celebrate with like-minded people focused on personal growth.

Find and Join Communities

Find and join communities of other Streakers completing similar streaks.
Interact with community members and share posts with the whole community.
Post about the progress you are making, ask questions of the community, and share recommendations of things that help with your streak.
Receive exclusive content from coaches and teachers in subscription communities.

Learn and Develop

Learn the 3 Laws of Streaking.
Read tips and learn more about how to make lasting change in your life.

"Streaking is the secret to real, lasting personal and professional improvement." -Jeff Bankowski, Chief Performance Officer for the State of Michigan

"Changed the way I think about habits, success, and becoming who I want to be. For sure worth your time." -Jason P.

"Brilliant and life-changing!" -B.Brewer

"So Fun to Streak!" -Coleemom

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