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Strayamate Aussie Slang & more

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Strayamate Aussie Slang & more

New! Now you can play our new game on Apple Watch - "Aussie Quiz" and test if you know your Aussie slang!

Strayamate is an application that helps you become familiar with Australian Slang / speak:
- Typical Australian phrases and words with usage examples.
- Pronunciation sounds recorded in a genuine Australian accent to help you say things like an aussie!
- A Slang word of the day widget, so you don't need to navigate to the app every time!
- Fun images that describe sites across this great sunburnt country to get you into the swing of things if you're visiting soon!
- Introducing 'Places' - Our coolest new feature. Every picture has a navigable link, just tap on the location pin and choose your favourite navigation app!
- Interactive Slangman game to practice the australianisms you've learned.
- Can't find a phrase? No worries, just use the dictionary to submit a phrase or term to us. If its selected, we'll acknowledge you in the app!
- Gaming Leaderboards to help you compete with other players worldwide in your quest to learn how to speak like an aussie.
- Share Australianisms with your mates in one easy step.

If you're travelling to Australia any time soon, Strayamate is your essential australian mate, mate. Featuring lots of local phrases and terms, as well as beautiful photos from places around the country and a game to keep you engaged while you become familiar with all of our -isms!
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