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StoriesCamera subtitles,camera

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StoriesCamera subtitles,camera

Looking for a handy subtitling tool or teleprompter? You found it!

Subtitles for video + teleprompter + special camera with cool features (including recording with two cameras at the same time), in one application! Sounds incredible? Yes! But we did it and created a powerful and user-friendly tool that includes a lot of cool stuff for creating video content!

Subtitles for videos

More than 60% of users on social networks watch stories and videos without sound, so a huge part of the information that you want to convey is simply left without attention.
Add subtitles and it will retain viewers, which is important for increasing the reach and ranking of Instagram and TikTok videos.
- The application recognizes speech and turns it into subtitles.
- Add subtitles manually or from text.
- Editing subtitles focusing on frame-by-frame video preview and audio diagram.
- Location of subtitles anywhere in the video and the specified size.
- Many fonts and a convenient choice of colors and text parameters.
- Select the type of subtitle appearance: by pages, lines, words or letters.
- Choice of animation of appearance and disappearance of subtitles.
- Adaptation of the video to the specified format! Increase, decrease and dynamically fill empty spaces!
- Adding subtitles to videos recorded outside the application.


Almost all people hesitate when they need to speak some prepared text to the camera, this is ok and the application can help! You can look at the text that moves across the screen while taking a selfie video.
- Control from Apple Watch (adjust the speed of the text unnoticed by the audience).
- Convenient settings for the position of the text block and its size.
- Text speed control.
- Create subtitles based on teleprompter text.

Improved camera for video recording

We have written a camera with functions that are so needed in a standard camera:
- Recording simultaneously with two cameras (picture in picture)! Yes, now you can record video with the rear camera and at the same time yourself with the front camera! The size and position of the video from the second camera can be changed during shooting, as well as the cameras can be swapped (iPhone XS and newer only)
- Limiting the duration of the video. Now the recording will stop at the right time and you don't have to constantly glance at the timer!
- Horizon level. Now there are no skewed horizons, the application shows the horizon level
- Microphone selection. You can choose the microphone with which the sound will be recorded, because usually the sound is recorded with the microphone that is associated with the camera, that is not always convenient and correct (only iPhone XS and newer).
- Zoom for the front camera. We also made a zoom for the front camera, removed the restrictions. Now everyone can use all the features of both cameras.
- "Contour" function. Use the previously recorded video or photo as an outline layer on the screen.
- Use construction lines to build the perfect composition (including various grids and the Fibonacci spiral)

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