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Store Times

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Store Times

Store Times is an essential application for finding places, addresses & open hours. Store Times instantly finds places currently open near you as well as search from 30+ different categories (Restaurants, Malls, Museums and more!). Ever found yourself asking "Where is the nearest ____" or "Is ____ open"? Then this app is a must for you!

*Quickly find places currently open near you
*Filter between all places or places open now
*Quickly view opening hours of places
*Easily search for places or categories using search bar
*Easily navigate to store by tapping the address in the Place screen (if available)
*Bookmark your favorite places
*Shake phone to let Store Times randomly choose a restaurant if you can't decide (Must be on Open Restaurants category)

Simple Times automatically detects your location as well as if you use the 12 or 24 hour clock.

* Store Times requires active internet connection and location services.
* Pin-Point Addresses are not available in all countries.
Aziz Batihk