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StopWatch Prime II

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StopWatch Prime II

You get two great Apps wrapped up into one package, a iPhone app that shares data with an Apple Watch app.

The iPhone StopWatch and the Apple Watch StopWatch can run at the same time, recording different events.

iPhone App:

The main screen is a stopwatch which shows the history of saved times from the iPhone and the Apple Watch. When an Apple Watch records a time, the iPhone is immediately updated with the time recorded.

The iPhone figures shows the two screens, the main screen to run stopwatch and show the history and an Update screen to make changes to the comments.

Apple Watch App:

Stopwatch Prime is a stopwatch designed for the Apple Watch. All functions can performed on your Watch.

Start, Pause, Resume and End functions are included with the App.

Apple Watch's uses Glance and Press menu technology in "Stopwatch Prime".

The center graphics can be changed from Abacus to Circles, to Dominos, to Rubber Ducks [yes, Rubber Ducks], or no graphic display.

Figure 1: StopWatch running with Abacus display.

Figure 2: StopWatch running with Circles display

Figure 3: StopWatch running with Domino display.

Figure 4: StopWatch running with Rubber Duck display.

Figure 5: Glance screen using Apple's Glance technology for Apple Watch.
Jeff Lefavi