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Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer Pro. Quit Smoking App

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Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer Pro. Quit Smoking App

Do you want to quit tobacco or help someone else to? If that’s the case, you’ve made one of the best decisions of your life. Download our virtual therapist app and give up smoking now!

The Pro version of Stop Tabaco Mobile Trainer costs about the same as a packet of cigarettes. Think about it… the investment is minimal and the benefits to your health when you quit smoking have no price.

Unlike others, this application is NOT designed just to count cigarettes, days without smoking, money saved… nor do we bombard you with unpleasant photos of smokers’ lungs or other strategies that deep down you know DON’T WORK or aren’t an important enough reason for you to quit.

This is a serious programme to help you give up smoking, endorsed by the Official College of Psychologists (COPLP) and developed in collaboration with the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with a success rate of over 80%. With our programme, you’ll gradually give up smoking in a controlled way thanks to the help of a Virtual Therapist who will accompany you in the different stages of treatment: initial evaluation, daily tasks, D Day and the days following quitting.

Stop Tabaco Mobile Trainer is a new way of helping smokers who want to give up their habit and there’s no other programme like it. It deals with the components of cognition, emotion and habit that maintain your addiction.

* With Stop Tabaco Mobile Trainer:

- We tackle the two needs that have been created: psychological and physical.
- We manage your ability to give up smoking by teaching you behavioural strategies and mental resources.
- You’ll strengthen your motivation to give up smoking.
- You’ll learn to manage anxiety and control or modify your environment in this new stage of your life as a non-smoker.
- You’ll be able to decisively confront difficult situations, especially in the days after quitting smoking.

Hundreds of patients have already given up smoking with our programme. If they can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

Below we will describe the application’s different stages and sections:


In the initial stage the application carries out various tests to gather relevant information, such as:

- The level of physical addiction (Faguerström Test).
- Reasons for quitting smoking.
- Consumption habits.

This information is used as the basis for developing a timeline tailored to the real needs of each smoker. For the physiological aspects of addiction, relevant guidelines are given so that, alongside consultation with a healthcare professional, the user has access to treatment that is appropriate for their profile.


Following an initial evaluation, the user can access the Treatment Programme, which, using the timeline adapted to their own consumption, leads them through a process that involves carrying out various daily tasks:

- Daily challenge
- Reflections and myths
- Guess the answer
- Daily recap

These tasks are aimed at modifying ideas about consumption itself as well as changing the habits that sustain it, such as controlling anxiety as a crucial symptom of abstinence and craving.

The initial objective is to gradually reduce consumption in order to then be able to quit completely and prevent relapses. From day one, the user has to record every cigarette that they smoke, and they have to adjust to daily consumption goals. You can record every cigarette that you smoke using the application’s cigarette log, using a Widget or even your Apple Watch.


The application contains a complete guide to relaxation that will teach you simple techniques to relax and control anxiety. The Crisis section is for when you don’t want to smoke but you have a strong craving, especially after D Day.

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