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Stompwatch is a virtual MIDI pedal board, designed to control both apps and MIDI hardware, using the screen, a Bluetooth keyboard, the ION iCade game controller, the Audiobus Remote app, or the Apple Watch. It is easy to configure and versatile. The ION iCade game controller has physical buttons; you can place it on the floor, and then use your feet to easily switch between effects patches, or to control looper apps such as Loopy.

The app features ten pages, each with ten pads. Each page can be configured to send MIDI to any number of destinations, while each pad can be configured to send a MIDI note, a chord, or either program change or control change messages. Toggle swiftly from one page to another, to control and configure all of your MIDI gear.

With MIDI over Bluetooth, you can use your iPhone to control an iPad. Use your Apple Watch to select different presets on a guitar effects app. With Audiobus Remote, you can control both MIDI gear and Audiobus controls in one location. Use the pads to trigger drum samples or play synthesizers. With MIDI, you can do almost anything.

Stompwatch supports conventional Bluetooth keyboards and the ION iCade -- if the app is in the foreground, you can trigger pads by typing on the keyboard or pressing the iCade buttons

If you are serious about music making, Stompwatch will be an invaluable tool!
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