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Stock profit margin calculator

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Stock profit margin calculator

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The Stock selling profit calculator is a simple tool to help stock investors when placing an Ask order. The calculator allows traders to get the price at which they should sell in order to get the desired profit.

There's no more crazy math needed to get to the profit margin you desire. You watch the stock market and this app will do the math for you. Equations shouldn't be the struggle, the stock ticker might!

The App has covered the common scenarios in the trading world, calculating the price taking in consideration buying and selling fees, either fixed or percentage. The desired profit can also be expressed as a percentage of the money invested. In the end, the value can be copied and pasted directly into your stock broker's App to place the order.

Computations can be saved for later used in a great looking table. This feature helps the users have an overview of the targeted profits, the buying and the desired selling price.
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