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Still is the perfect minimalist meditation timer to help you cultivate and grow your mindfulness practice.

Key Features:

* Saves your meditation sessions to the Mindfulness section of the Health app.
* Select the length of your meditation session from 1 to 90 minutes.
* Choose an optional chime to ring once to signal a new phase of your meditation, or periodically during the session to bring you back to the present.
* Select your favorites from 5 carefully chosen bells.
* See the last 12 months of your meditation sessions at a glance.
* Still displays meditation sessions from any app that records data to HealthKit.
* Meditate discretely with the Apple Watch app.
* Set a notification to remind yourself to meditate at the same time tomorrow.
* See quotes from your favorite mindfulness teachers on completion.
* Still remembers your settings and defaults to them the next time you open the app.

Practicing meditation reduces stress and improves our wellbeing. Let Still help you to achieve peace and inner calm.

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