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Sticky Notes AR

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Sticky Notes AR

Sticky Notes AR is a one of a kind, augmented reality messaging app, that can project notes and images into the room. The messages are hereby fixated to the geolocation where they were originally posted and can be looked upon in the augmented reality view. With Sticky Notes AR you can enrich your surroundings with virtual content created by yourself, everywhere and anytime. If you submit public notes, the messages can be seen by any app user that is nearby, if you post private messages only you alone can see the notes.


• NO ADDITIONAL COSTS: Sticky Notes AR uses the internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or WLAN, if available) of your phone / tablet to post messages

• MULTIMEDIA: Post images and text

• PUBLIC NOTES: Get in contact with everyone in your area. Write notes on locations, shops, events, public buildings and spaces, objects etc. and share your thoughts about your environment with your environment. Look at and reply to notes of other people and join in their conversations.

• PRIVATE NOTES: Mark important locations, shops, events, buildings, objects etc. by posting a private note for your own personal use. Private notes are not visible to other persons and are exclusively stored on your own device. They are not shared and not submitted over the public network. Ever forgot where you parked your car? Just mark it with Sticky Notes AR!

• AR quality: Choose between an optimal and reduced AR experience. With optimal the AR experience is much more immersive thanks to markerless object tracking capability, but battery drain and network traffic are highly increased (WiFi or LTE advised).

• Filtering: Filter the displayed messages by type. I.e. show all notes (default), just the public notes, just the private notes or just the notes that were written by yourself

• Limit the distance: Too many notes in your surroundings? Set the maximum distance in which the notes are displayed.

• Styling: Choose between two note styles, speech bubble and transparent black
Christian Mahler