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Sticked Man DJ

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Sticked Man DJ

World famous Sticked man is a DJ now! Professional scratching turntables with great choice of tracks on it, set of powerful mix pads in additional bar, volume settings - it's a complete mixing table. Create music in Sticked man style.

HOW TO PLAY: Choose tracks for both of the turntables, adjust pitch, volume and pan for your mix, open up pads panel and tap on it to add sound effects. Each of the music deck has its own sounds effects - scratch it! Also, there is a slider on the bottom of the table - crossfader. Slide it to and fro to fade one of the turntables. Record your masterpiece and save it on your device.

Sticked Man DJ features:
- Simplified mixing table
- Popular music genres tracks
- Turntables crossfader function
- Stickman cartoon style graphics

Live it up - party mood creation in your hands. Start mixing it with Sticked Man DJ application.
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