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StickBro's 7 Minute Workout Free

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StickBro's 7 Minute Workout Free

StickBro is the ultimate bro, so naturally he's in amazing shape; just look at those muscles! The great thing is, he wants to help you get in amazing shape just like him with his full-body, high-intensity, scientifically formulated, extreme 7 minute workout!

* The perfect full-body, high-intensity workout for bro's and non-bro's alike
* Scientific workout sequence using high intensity circuit training to maximize the efficiency of the workout
* Based on the 7 minute workout featured in the New York Times Magazine, with variations to the original workout to make it slightly more intense
* Less time, more results, with this fun, quick and effective workout
* No equipment necessary, just your body, a chair/step and a wall
* 12 high intensity exercises, for 30 seconds each, with 10 seconds rest between exercises
* No internet access needed, so you can work out anytime, anywhere
* The app is available for both iPhone and iWatch so you can work out on your terms!

This is an intense full-body workout that you push yourself to get through; but the good part is, it's over in just 7 minutes!

Remember, this is a high intensity workout so it is recommended to consult your doctor or physician before such a workout if you have any doubts about your ability to complete the exercises safely. The developers of this app are not responsible for any injuries that may occur while working out.
Krishna Ramachandran