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Stess Away

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Stess Away

We wave goodbye to the pressure in life and work, and let the pressure GO! GO! GO!
Life is complicated enough, so we hope to bring you a simple and brisk interactive experience.

We promise not to obtain any of your private information for uploading or sharing it with other third parties. Please feel free to use it as it will not cause you any new anxiety or irritability.
Easily check your daily mood and stress status, adjust yourself every day, and remember to stay happy. Never punish yourself for other people’s mistakes~

At last
- The heart rate variability (HRV) and other heart rate-related data obtained are obtained with authorization from Apple Health. We only display them and do not store and forward them. Be sure to protect your privacy.
- The data information provided in the APP is for reference only and is not recommended for use in any medical advice or diagnostic results. Before making any health-related decisions, always seek the advice of a physician; only a physician can make an accurate diagnosis of your individual situation.
- Finally, I hope you say goodbye to stress. Come on~ Remember to authorize us to access your health data~
子龙 郭