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Stepics is a uniquely illustrated activity tracker where puzzles are solved by using your daily steps as game energy. Solving puzzles will bring the illustrations to life, unlock new puzzles and reward you with new Stepics iMessage stickers.

***Solve puzzles and get rewarded***
-Solve a variation of unique picture puzzles. Flip and drag pieces to build a picture that matches with the word hint associated with the puzzle
-Get rewarded with animated Stepics iMessage stickers
-Earn gems by solving puzzles
-Earn additional gems by reaching the daily Stepics goal of 7000 steps
-Unlock new puzzles with gems

***Follow your weekly activity***
-View your 7 days steps graph and share it with your friends in iMessage
-All steps gathered by HealthKit is available in Stepics. Please note that there can be small delays before steps recorded by for example your Apple Watch are available in HealthKit

***Apple Watch ***
-Apple Watch extension to boost your motivation and activity levels
-Complications that shows your daily steps count. Illustrated activity level complications designed especially for the Infograph watch faces
-Receive dynamic notifications when reaching daily activity levels
-The first and the most important goal is not to close your day in the lowest activity level (the dreadful sock-level of less than 4000 steps)
-5 different daily activity levels and average daily steps count that can be tracked on the long-term
-Try to reach higher activity levels, raise your average daily steps count and stay motivated
-Stepics for Apple Watch can be used completely independently of the iPhone app

-In order to work, Stepics needs access to your HealthKit and Motion & Fitness Steps Data
-Steps Data is used as game energy and in graphs shown on your iPhone and Apple Watch
-Your personal data is only stored and used locally on your devices
Sydvesti Oy