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Step Into Health

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Step Into Health

Step Into Health app is here! Challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps or more a day and walk your way to a healthier future. It is one of Aspire Zone Foundation initiatives towards promoting a healthy community in Qatar.

This app serves as a pedometer that tracks your steps, distance, and calories. Step Into Health app also features health tips from our leading experts through the “View Health Tip” button in the app. The application will periodically alert you with a beep every time you walk for 100 m as we want you to concentrate on walking and still know about your progress without having to monitor the app.

The app integrates with the iPhone's built in Apple HealthKit to count the steps the user has during the day. The app runs in the background while you exercise and it has the minimum impact on battery life. All you need to do is click the “Sync Now” button after you finish your exercise in order for your steps to be updated with your step into health online profile.

This app is for step into health program members only. Register now at

For more information on step into health please visit

- What are the costs associated with your app?
The app is absolutely free to use for anyone who has an account on step into health.

- How does the user pay? Is it subscription-based or one time fee?
The user is not required to pay in any form. There is no subscription or one time fee for this app. This app is absolutely free to use.

- Does the user pay per device or user?
This app is absolutely free.

- Is there additional charge (other than the price of the app) for mobile access?
There is no charge associated in any form. It is a free app.

- Is there a paid upgrade option outside of the app?
There is no paid upgrade option outside the app. All the future app upgrades will be via iTunes only.

-The app requires iOS5 or later.
-This app is optimized for iPhone 5/5s but will work with older models.
-It has been found that the app performs better when placed in a snug side pocket. Loose clothing tend to "cradle" the device, possibly dampening the sensors.
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