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Step By Step

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Step By Step

Step By Step is an app that helps you focus on one single thing.

All other distractions like setting multiple goals, sub-directives, repeated values on daily routines, etc. that can be found in other apps are absent here.
The main problem with those features and options is that they enable you to make multiple lists of goals and subgoals to the point where you will lose track of what's important.
When you fail one goal in this scenario, no problem you have made other goals. When you fail some more goals... you just quit the app or start all over again.

Step By Step puts a stop to this by limiting you to one single goal. Each day you'll be asked if you reach that goal if you do (you mark that day) and if you don't (no problem there is always a tomorrow).
As the days go by, you will see your progress in a very clear and easy-to-understand screenshot.