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STEMP Smart Temperature Patch

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STEMP Smart Temperature Patch

The STEMP Smart Temperature Patch™ is the thermometer reinvented for the 21st century. The STEMP™ sensor, medical-grade adhesives, and smartphone apps work together seamlessly to provide immediate, accurate, continuous body temperature measurement. Think of it as the thermometer meets the band-aid.

The app is designed to provide a simple, intuitive interface to the STEMP sensor (required for use). Our goal was to make the software as easy to use as a traditional thermometer, but with many additional benefits:

Immediate & continuous: The app connects to the sensor quickly and easily, providing immediate and continuous temperature data, without having to remember to take additional readings.
Interactive graphs: Interactive graphs make it easy to see trends and make smarter decisions. Temperature trends can be used to understand when one is getting sick, to manage health conditions, and to track ovulation cycles for women trying to conceive. The possibilities are endless!
Customizable alerts: Smart alerts can notify one or more phones if a temperature hits a certain threshold (high or low). Parents need never again wake up in the middle of the night to wake up their children just to take their temperatures. Instead, they can catch up on their rest, confident that their phone will alert them of any important changes.
Cloud synchronization: STEMP securely shares temperature data among multiple devices. That allows a parent, sibling, or caregiver to monitor temperature across town or around the world. Data can be exported to share with a healthcare professional or record in a spreadsheet.
Multiple user tracking: One app can manage multiple STEMP sensors and multiple users, storing weeks or months of user data. One family can share a single sensor, “linking” it to a person as needed. Or that same family can have multiple sensors, each of them “assigned” to an individual for easy monitoring.
Designed for iPhone & iPad: The STEMP app is designed for the iPhone and iPad (iOS 8 required), with Watch connectivity developed and being tested.

The app is the companion to the STEMP Smart Temperature Patch, which is available for pre-order ( STEMP is the product of proprietary patent-pending technology, integrated to create a seamless, easy-to-use experience for everyone:

Accurate & continuous: We scoured the planet to find the most accurate and efficient temperature sensor available at this size, to make sure that each and every measurement is consistent. The STEMP temperature sensor is accurate to ±0.2°C and is factory-calibrated for years of continuous temperature readings.
Bluetooth Low Energy: BLE technology connects quickly and easily to a smartphone, managing wireless transmission throughout a typical home with little drain on the STEMP or phone battery.
Small size (perfect for kids): The small STEMP temperature sensor is housed in a custom-designed, ultrasonically-welded plastic case that is safe for children and sized for their smaller bodies.
Rechargeable battery: An integrated lithium polymer (LiPo) battery can be charged quickly (in 30 minutes) with the included USB dock, providing up to 30 days of usage on a single charge.
Waterproof casing: The STEMP sensor is factory-sealed to provide a waterproof unit that is safe for the shower.
Medical-grade adhesives: We use medical-grade adhesive similar to that found in high-quality bandages — safe for children and sensitive skin, whether worn for hours or days (5–7 days is the recommended limit before replacing).

Designed for small children and their parents, STEMP has numerous applications: elderly and their caregivers, couples trying to conceive, post-operative care, chronic conditions, sports performance, and everyday health.

STEMP is the winner of the 2015 Everyday Health Awards for Innovation in Personal Health at CES and the 2014 G-Startup Competition at the Global Mobile Internet Competition.
Zsolt Krajcsik