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StellaAccess is a full-featured night sky planetarium and observing app. When paired with Stella, Meade Instrument’s Wi-Fi adapter (sold-separately), you can even remotely control your Go-To telescope wirelessly through the app.

StellaAccess is your roadmap to the night sky and is a critical tool necessary for discovering the universe. With it, you can view over 2.5 million night sky objects for any date and time, identify and locate targets to observe, read about celestial objects, and educate yourself on the constellations.

StellaAccess gives astronomers of all levels a user-friendly graphical interface for navigating the night sky. Whether you’re exploring from the comfort of your home, a local park or while traveling the world, StellaAccess lets you propel into the wonders of stars, deep space, planets, galaxies and more---all from your mobile device and no internet needed.

Notable features:
- Control and point your Meade telescope to any night sky object above the horizon wirelessly! Requires Meade’s Stella Wi-Fi telescope controller (sold separately). Compatible with many competitors telescopes too! See the full compatibility list below.
-Find over 2.5 million objects in the sky including planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and even satellites such as the international space station (ISS) and Iridium flares.
-Learn about the object you’re looking at with built in object data and color astro photographs.
-Easily download images from the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) for many areas of the night sky (requires internet connection).
-Orbit Mode: fly around the solar system and planets and simulate the views from other worlds.
-“Tonight at a Glance”: Gives you a tour of the best objects in the night sky based on your location and time
-Replaces desktop astronomy software costing 10x more
- Protect you dark adapted eyes using the built-in Night vision mode.
-Built-in panoramas of the horizon or create your own.
-Powered by the award winning SkySafari 5 software!
-Social media sharing and astronomy resources tab lets you stay connected to local astronomy events.
-Plan your observing session and share it with friends
-No internet connection required

- iOS 9, Apple Watch
- iCloud for your settings and observing lists
- List of compatible telescopes for Meade’s Stella Wi-Fi telescope controller:
• Meade LX200 Classic / GPS / ACF
• Meade LX400
• Meade LX600/850
• Meade LS / LT
• Meade ETX
• (when equipped with #497 or AudioStar Controller)
• Meade LXD 55 / 75 / 650 / 750
• Meade LX 80 / 90
• Meade Magellan I
• Meade Magellan II
• StellarCAT ServoCAT
• Celestron NexStar:
• 5i / 8i / GPS / SLT / SE / Advanced GT
• Celestron AVX / CGE / CGEM / CPC series
• SkyWatcher SynScan
• iOptron SmartStar / MiniTower
• iOptron iEQ45 with 8406 controller
• iOptron 8407 / 8408 contollers
• Astro-Physics GTO
• Losmandy Gemini
• Vixen SkySensor 2000
• Vixen StarBook / Sphinx
• Orion Sirius / Atlas / SkyView Pro /
• SkyQuest XTg / StarSeeker / HDX
• Tangent Instruments BBox Encoder System
• StellaCAT ServoCAT
• Starmaster Sky Tracker
• SiTech Controller
• Takahashi Temma 2
• Bisque Paramount + TheSkyX
• Celestron AstroMaster
• Lumicon Sky Vector
• Orion Sky Wizard / IntelliScope
• Takahashi Super Navigator
• Sky Commander
• Losmandy DSC

**Due to continuous firmware updates by individual manufacturers, we cannot guarantee compatibility with non-Meade telescopes.

To learn more about StellaAccess go to
Meade Instruments