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STEARsoft Attendance Register

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STEARsoft Attendance Register

STEARsoft is a Watch, iPhone or iPad school attendance register app with a fully featured graphical interface.

The graphical attendance sheets enable multiple sessions and students to be scanned just like a paper attendance register, complete with code letters and attached notes. The flood-fill and auto-move-on features with pre-generated attendance register sheets make you quicker in the classroom, whilst ordered lists of outstanding absence notes and graphical attendance statistics gives instant control at your finger tips.

The Watch App gives even more flexibility, letting you take the class attendance register without your phone even. On the sports field, in a swimming lesson, on a run or just instantly to hand in the classroom.

An inbuilt incident recording system helps you track categorised incidents (like merits, or forgotten equipment) on a student-by-student basis. Customisable thresholds alert you when something happens too frequently, and a 'Report' output summarises this information along with attendance register statistics for each student in your class.

Export options are available for attendance data, attendance statistics, student details and student reports.

Teacher quotes (from Reviews in iTunes) say:
"I use it every day and wonder what I ever did before."

"Most useful app on my iPhone"
"I can't imagine being without this app now!"

"has reduced my admin considerably."

"Quality little app that is a great time saver."

"I use it all the time now and I highly recommend it."

If you work to a timetable and want to be more organised and efficient in keeping attendance records, we think you'll like STEARsoft and find it to be one of those tools you wondered how you managed without.

Limitation gone: Class sizes are no longer limited to 36. Just go to 'Advanced Setup' to put in your own maximum.

STEARsoft works well stand-alone, but there is also a Cloud version that can be synchronised with to give whole school attendance monitoring solutions.

STEARsoft (School Teacher's Electronic Attendance Register software) started in 2005, was one of the first electronic attendance register Apps for the iPhone and iPad and still works on older devices (such as the iPad 2) running iOS8. STEARsoft now works on your watch too, not just showing you which class is next, but lets you take the register too.