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Staywalk — music for running

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Staywalk — music for running

"Staywalk" is a new awesome adaptive music app which generate the music for your motion activity: for walking, running, cycle, car and more!

During a run, you may feel like a secret agent, shaking off a pursuer. Constantly change your speed and make stops — it will all be vibrantly accompanied by your adaptive music. It's amazing!

During a stop, you will hear an intense solo without drums, while the maximal speed will be accompanied by all instruments playing in full force.

Or right at home, your may feel like a composer. Download an app and give rhythm shakes to the phone.

Each music theme has its own atmosphere and spirit.

How about, while driving to work, feeling like you have such courage and energy, as if your place of work were at the other end of the galaxy and you were flying to it through a wormhole? Our fantastic music will help you feel this as well.

Pull a prank on your friends while driving a car. How quickly will they guess that the music is accompanying your movements? This is very cool!

And finally adjust the speed to yourself and go for a walk!

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Dmitry Smirnov