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- METARs, TAFs, ATIS, NOTAMs, Weather Radar and more
- Decoded weather reports for faster and better briefings
- Live TAF breaks down forecast assessment to a matter of seconds
- Stay up to date with widgets and Apple Watch complications

Forget raw weather reports.

When you go flying with StationWeather, you will speed up your weather briefing to a few seconds, while getting an even better understanding of current and forecast situations than you ever could with raw reports.

By completely decoding METAR and TAF reports, StationWeather is able to present the data in an intuitive way that you will get with no other weather app.
Analyze a complete METAR report at a glance. Then head over to Live TAF and instantly see the complete weather report valid at any given time - presented to you on a beautiful and unique user interface.

We know NOTAMs can be time consuming to read, so they’re sorted, filtered, and color coded by their relevance from the start. And because filters are fully customizable, you can tailor NOTAMs just for your specific operation.

StationWeather now also supports live D-ATIS reports for participating airports (currently around 80 US airports).

Worldwide live weather radar coverage in addition to an extensive set of more than 700 weather charts from all ICAO regions will make sure you know your weather before you go.

By getting access to over 40,000 stations, you will find the one you're looking for. And if a station does not publish its own weather, you can connect it with a nearby station to display those reports instead.

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