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Start With Yoga

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Start With Yoga

Start with Yoga is a simple to use, easy guide to learn beginner yoga workouts and create your yoga routine.

It comes with 17 pre-set routines and a yoga routine builder allowing you to pick from 75 yoga positions or asanas to create your own personal yoga sessions, with poses that suit you.

Start with Yoga works on Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad, letting you take your workouts wherever you go.

A great way to learn Yoga and keep up daily practice, daily stretching, build strength and support weight loss goals.

Perfect for children, seniors and beginners of all ages. This simple app will show you the positions you need to hold. You can set how long you'd like to hold each position and the app will show you when you need to move.

Use the Yoga app to create your own routines to guide you through your daily Yoga program. Share Yoga routines that you have created via text messages with your friends.

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Connects to Apple Health so you can track workouts and calories.

No monthly subscriptions - new routines shared on Instagram at start_with_yoga

Key features:
No monthly subscriptions or in app purchases
Learn Yoga with preset 17 yoga routines
Create personal routines with the simple yoga routine builder
Over 75 positions for you to create your own workouts
Copy, edit and share your routines with your friends
Works on Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad
Track your Heart Rate on Apple Watch as you complete routines

About Start with Yoga
We created Start with Yoga as we couldn’t find a really simple Yoga app that worked seamlessly across Apple Watch and iPhone. We wanted to create an app that didn’t have a monthly subscription and was so simple that it melted into the background.

There are many types of yoga and many approaches to it. This app is inspired by the philosophy behind Hatha yoga, designed to create comfortable and steady body positions that aid mediation or allow you to create yoga workouts. Focus through each of the positions should be on breathing in order to unblock the mind and the body.

The positions or asana in the app are not too advanced. Start with Yoga has simple positions that most beginners can practice to develop strength in their bodies.

Start with Yoga uses Apple Health to manage your routines.
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