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Starmon Tap

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Starmon Tap

Watch Out!!! Cuteness Overload!
From Lovely pinky Starmons to little kitty and monkey Starmons, there are hundreds of Starmons that each of you will fall in love with.

* All you need to do is just tap your screen in order to raise Starmons.

* Grown-up Starmons will be collected as cards in the collection box.
* Collect all of the Starmons including

Show off!
*Brag about your Starmons to your friends! Starmons that are all grown up will go into the collection box, and you can even show them off to your friends!
*You can introduce your Starmons to your friends on Facebook.

-Spin the roulette to pick a Starmon egg you will raise.
-One egg can be raised into six different types of Starmons.
-If you raise the ‘rare’ percentage, you have more chances to raise a rare Starmon.
-When Starmons reach a new level, fever time will start. Time to boost up your tapping skills!!
-Tap the airplanes that show up as a surprise for more coins.
-Starmons that have all grown up will stay in the collection box.