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Starbucks China

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Starbucks China

Starbucks APP, unlock your online coffee life, devote with heart, accompany for long.

Experience plentiful online service
Starbucks Now:Order online, pick up at store
Starbucks Delivers: Coffee and Cuisine delivery by one click
Online Coffee Mall:Exquisite cups home delivery
Privileges:buy electronic Starbucks Gift Card and Coupon Package, more discount when ordering in future.
Group Set :Coffee for meetings, good friends gatherings, group set order by one click, deliver to where you are.
Social Gifting:Select gift for him/her. Starbucks Gift Card, Coffee coupon, coffee delivery with customized wishes.
Group Order:Order together to reduce delivery fee.

Experience Starbucks Rewards Segment, quality coffee life, waiting for you to discover
Member events: participate in events to win Starbucks peripheral gifts
Star Crush: Using stars to redeem exclusive peripheral gifts
Magical Beans:Explore coffee world, understand coffee knowledge
Store Exploration:Experience Starbucks stores online

Experience App member QR code segment, scan store QR code, accumulate stars by consumption.

Experience brand new order segment, view consumption details, issue invoice, contact stores, or quickly order again.

Experience convenient personal center segment, manage assets, set up coffee preference, issue combined invoice, fluently without blocks.
Starbucks Coffee Company