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Star Duster

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Star Duster

Star Duster is an action packed 80s inspired LCD-style game for your Apple Watch.

Be the hero, chase your high score and collect all achievements in this simple but intense format. Perfect for short sessions.

The servicebot Duster 2820 needs your help to collect all the space junk.
As in the classic LCD games you can opt for two distinct game modes, A where you race against the clock, or up the challenge in Mode B where there is no time and yet all time in the world.

Never get tired of the aestethics with our selection of two skins (more coming)

The sound design takes you right back to when your parents shouted at you to turn down the volume, now you can have your kids shout the same, or why not hand your watch to a kid and experience the wondeful sounds from the other side. *beep* *boop* *beepity* *boop*

Star Duster is a prequel of sorts to the mobile arcade mayhem that is Star jolt, and Star Duster might explain why the garbage is in so straight lines in that game?!

Be a darling, help out and collect all the space junk laying around!
Erik Hallgren