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Standard Online Share Trading Phone and Tablet

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Standard Online Share Trading Phone and Tablet

Use the Standard Online Share Trading app for fast, secure real-time trading in shares, derivatives and other investment instruments listed on the JSE.
Provided by SBG Securities (Pty) Ltd. (SBG Sec).

• Track and trade in any of your subscribed investment instruments
• Create watchlists of instruments you've got your eye on
• Avoid risk by inserting stop losses and price alerts
• Withdraw or transfer funds between your accounts
• Access historical info on shares and delayed share price data
• Stay up to date via your smartphone and smartwatch
• Quick and simple sign in

Getting started
You should first register for your OST account on the Standard Online Share Trading website:
‎Although Standard OST is a standalone app, you can also download the Standard Bank Mobile Banking app, which gives you a full view of your OST and related Standard Bank accounts.
You’ll need data to download the OST app and use its features. Data rates are set by your network service provider.
SBG Sec’s normal fees and charges apply when your trade through the OST app.

Legal info
SBG Securities (Pty) Ltd (Reg. no. 1972/008305/07) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Standard Bank Group, an authorised user of the JSE Limited and an authorised financial services provider (26691).

Got an idea on improving the app? Send it to us. Found a bug? Tell us about it!
We’re proud of our app, but we know it’s not perfect. We’re constantly working on improvements and would love to get your feedback:
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