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Stairs. Love them or loathe them, if you climb stairs you should make every flight count. See how high you climb each month compared to 16 of the world's most spectacular landmarks.

• 40 flights puts you near the top of the Great Pyramid at Giza.
• 98 flights gets you almost to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
• 2903 flights and you're looking down from the summit of Everest (plus you should get a medal or something).

StairsWell gathers your stair flights climbed data from the Health App one month at a time and presents your progress with a beautiful animation. Compare months quickly and get immediate feedback if a month is your best ever.

A flight climbed is roughly 10' (3m) or about 16 steps.

Please note: Not all phones are capable of automatically measuring your stair flights climbed. If you're not certain, check in the Health App to see if you have data already. Some third party fitness trackers measure stair flights and can sync their data. You can also enter flights climbed data manually so those sessions on the stair machine at the gym will count.

Because every flight should count.
Quinn McHenry