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Stack Guru

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Stack Guru

Become Mnemonica stack guru! Select how and what to practice, schedule reminders and practice directly on your wrist using Apple Watch - all with dark mode support!

While studying Mnemonica by Juan Tamariz, I started to look for an app to serve me as a learning tool. I wanted the app to automatically remind me to practice as well as being able to quickly practice on my Apple Watch (preferably with an complication displaying some daily progress). Unfortunately I did not find what I was looking for and decided to implement the app myself. This app became Stack Guru.

Practice parts of the stack, or the whole stack - you decide!
Create your custom practice experience by combining practice modes such as Card to Number, Number to Card, What Comes After, What Comes Before or ACAAN, together with selected parts of the stack. This let you either focus on cementing the basics or perfecting your existing knowledge and master the stack.

Repetition is the mother of all learning.
Stack Guru can help you both memorize and to keep the stack fresh in memory. Simply set reminders and let the app notify when to have a quick practice session. Like your own personal stack trainer.

Having the tool directly on your wrist makes it super easy to take a short break and focus on the stack. Anywhere and anytime! Use the complication to get the progress of your daily goal and have a quick practice session only a tap away.

Practice result data stored online is stored using Apple CloudKit (iCloud) to keep the data secure and private to you. The private database data is accessible only by you. When Stack Guru is used offline, the data is temporarily saved on the device to be synchronized and removed later, when the app is back online.
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