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SRR Counter for Dogs & Cats

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SRR Counter for Dogs & Cats

SRR Counter for Dogs and Cats

Count your pet’s heart rate while they are sleeping. It is a must have if your dog or cat has a heart condition and your vet recommends you track their heart rate on a regular basis.


With the SRR Counter for Dogs and Cats app, you can easily count your pet’s breathing rate for 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds. When your pet exhales, tap the Breath button to start the timer. Continue to tap the Breath button each time your pet exhales. Once complete, the number of breaths will display.

– If you select 15 Seconds, the app will calculate each time you tap times 4.

– If you select 30 Seconds, the app will calculate each time you tap times 2.

– If you select 60 Seconds, the app will display the number of times you tap.

– The Apple Watch will provide haptic feedback with each tap. This allows you to watch your pet breathing, rather than your watch.

– You will receive a haptic notification when the timer is finished and be presented with the total breath count.

– No audible feedback so you won’t disturb your precious pet at rest! Please set the Apple Watch to silent to fully utilize this feature.


I created this app when my rescue dog, Bizou, went into heart failure at age 13 and was diagnosed with a grade 5 heart murmur. She was on several medications and my vet recommended I begin tracking her breathing to help them in regulating the dosages of her medications. I found it difficult for just 1 person to watch her breathing while also watching a timer to know when to stop counting. My goal was to make this much easier.


Contact your veterinarian for normal and elevated heart rates for both cats and dogs. If your pet has an elevated heart rate or you have any concerns about his or her health, please immediately contact your vet.


Please send your feedback to [email protected]. I would love to implement new features based on your ideas!

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All proceeds go to the Humane Society of York County
Verkade Solutions Group, LLC