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SRCamera -shooting in the Watch-

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SRCamera -shooting in the Watch-

Also cut the shutter from AppleWatch!
Simple camera!

SRCamera is a simple Privacy camera.
Shooting of cuisine in the restaurant, is ideal for pet shoot!
In addition, since it cuts the shutter from AppleWatch, to stand to stand
Remote shooting. You can also Nante.

· Genuine camera as well as inside the camera, you can switch the flash on and off automatically.
- You can set the save image quality.
- Embedding of the presence or absence setting of position information.
- Optimized to iPhone6,6Plus.
· Supports AppleWatch.

※ Whether dialog to allow access to the photos will appear at the time of start-up, but there does not allow and can not save photos.
Setting please the permission of the access to the photos from the privacy of the Settings app.
In addition, the same is true for position information.
masashi mizuno