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SQUEAKS™ consolidates real-time information from people and machines into a single communication thread; improving employee productivity and financial results. SQUEAKS eliminates plant-wide communication inefficiencies (waste) by sharing information that matters most with the right people at the right time, anywhere - with machines part of the conversation. SQUEAKS overcomes the challenges of information overload (noise) and overburden (clutter) associated with the explosion of data brought on by the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With SQUEAK, everyone works better as meaningful information flows seamlessly between people and machines in a user-selected, closed-loop manner; fostering collaboration and instilling ownership.

SQUEAKS makes it possible for modern and legacy manufacturing equipment and processes to automatically broadcast squeaks (short multimedia messages) when monitored conditions or events trigger service requests, quality alerts, inventory replenishment needs, production alarms, or scheduled production updates. SQUEAKS includes prebuilt connectivity to nearly any software or equipment technology and protocol commonly found in manufacturing or distribution facility.

SQUEAKS can be hosted on-premise or hosted in a private or public cloud.
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