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Squash Buddy

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Squash Buddy

Squash Buddy is a simple, informative, and features-packed score keeper. Squash Buddy tracks your games, monitors your progress and provides the information you need to improve your squash performance.  

Squash Buddy is made to work on both the iPhone and the Watch. Simply enter your game data in the Squash Buddy app, then review your game details any time through the app’s clean and intuitive graphics.

The companion Watch app allows you to seamlessly capture the progress of your games down to the point level. The app illustrates how your game progressed, point by point.  It even presents your service-win and receive-rally percentages!  

Furthermore, Squash Buddy provides a useful note-keeping ability that allows you to record your thoughts and comments on each game.

Squash Buddy is made for squash players of all levels. We believe you will find the data Squash Buddy provides to be both fun and instructive.
Lion Rock Technology LLC