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Sprintly is a super-simple, hyper-focused Scrum Poker card deck for your iPhone and Apple Watch. Tired of physical cards? Sick of the constant paper cuts? Often lured into making fragile, Spacey-free houses of cards in your sprint planning meetings? I was once like you, friend. Say goodbye to free will and hello to ultra mega sprint velocity with Sprintly.

"You'll be knockin' back PBIs faster than your boss knocks back bourbon!"

* Slimline Fibonacci and T-Shirt Sizing decks!
* Sexy animations – "Like spreadable Scrum butter!"

* Apple Watch support – "Slam down your hand like Wild Bill Hickok!"
* On Apple Watch, tap the values to rotate them 90 degrees for more convenient wrist-based exposure; elbow on table, and that's your team-mates told!

* New things and weirder deck numbers (I mean "40", really?) if you demand them!

* Absolutely free!
* Absolutely no advertising!
* Absolutely no in-app financial chicanery!
* Absolutely no colours to distract you from the FUN of your day job!
Luke Charman