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Sprint-o-Mat is an app for Apple Watch that helps you run pre-set programmed workouts.

It supports

- Distance interval repeats, with warm-up, interval rest, and cool-down
- Time interval repeats, with warm-up, interval rest, and cool-down
- Multi-leg long distance runs
- Running in miles or kilometers

The number of intervals, exact distance and time, and paces for each workout is customizable.


- Optional GPS for more accurate distances and workout maps
- Haptics to let you know when to start a new interval
- Visual display with a pace runner
- Color-coded paces to let you know if you are in your pace zone


When you run Sprint-o-Mat it will ask you to authorize it to access some data from HealthKit. You may opt not to do so, but the application will not function properly.

If you allow access, we will read

* your heart rate
* active calories
* running distance

During a workout and only for the purpose of giving you data during the workout.

If you allow it we will write the workout data to your Health and Activity apps (built by Apple) and never send any of this data to our own servers or to any third party service.

If at any time, you want to revoke access to health data, you can do so in the Settings App, by looking in the Health > Apps section.

Sprint-o-Mat also requests location information. This is optional. If you don't allow it, the distance running may not be as accurate, but Sprint-o-Mat will work.

We never store this data or send it any third party. It is sent with the workout to Apple's Health and Activity apps.
Louis Franco