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Sprint Master

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Sprint Master

Sprint Master, the ultimate Sprinting Timer! Accurately time yourself.

Sprint Master offers several great features:

Gun Start - Similar to the way you start at a competition. Press the start button, Sprint Master will then start a countdown from 3. When it's time to run, Sprint Master gives you a sound cue and starts the timer. This way you can accurately measure the starting time, just like a competition would do it.

Direct Start - You press the start button and the timer starts. A way to casually measure sprints.

Variable Start - A more realistic way to start your sprint, that helps you to prepare for a real competition. Variable Start will randomly set a start time between 4 to 8 seconds.

Sprint Master is not dependent of your phone which make it great for sprinting. Simply start the app and start timing.

Total Sprints - See how many sprints you have done in total since you downloaded Sprint Master. Cool stuff!

Setup - The iPhone companion app is your first step after downloading Sprint Master. The companion app is simply a tutorial to help you setup the Apple Watch to work optimally with Sprint Master. Without changing a few settings the timing will not be accurate.

Sprint Master makes sprinting even more fun!
Lucas Gronlund